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Wild thing.
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9 April 2017 | 18:21 | 0 comments
Glad tht i feel nthing at last. Im at ease.
5 April 2017 | 13:07 | 0 comments
fast edit; li
so last week was hectic, its a wrap i must say. the event went well, not that well. but at least we made it. we started from nothing "0". we had a great time creating memories together and stuff. it wasnt that great but i cherish every moment that i spent with my classmates. we only have like a year and a half together, after that, everyone have their own paths, their own dreams to achieve. :) hahahaha. lots of things have changed lately, everything is different. the atmosphere is not the same. the thing that we've been doing or going through like the normal days its just not there anymore. hahahaah aint breathing the stress-free air yet. bcs final exam is coming soon. im planning to go to Singapore on the next school holiday, i really need to get my ass out from this island for a couple of days. its not that i hate this island or etc. i just need my space and time to enjoy myself a bit.duhh, need money for that. and i need to start working out. xD please dont ask why! i didnt get enough sleep. im not sure whats the reason. hey, imma sleepyhead!! guys, if you ever regretted the things youve done back then, just leave it. there aint no time machine to change that. if you lost a toxic friend thats good, but act professional act normal. dont create some drama. just go on with ur life, get used to it. stand on ur own feet, u dont need anyone to lean on, except for god. make god ur first priority and you'll be happy, care less, live young wild and free and you'll be okay. trust me. okayyy greetinggggssss humansssssss!!