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Wild thing.
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13 April 2017 | 23:21 | 0 comments
ROJAK. Why? sebab why not try new things, formality suck sometimes.  these few days was so hectic, busy gila la,, sebab banyak betul assignment kena hantar. nasib smua siap on time kan babahah tidak lama lagi exam. okay ckup2 psl tu, sbb bosan. mmg bnda common yang smua student akan hadapi. ada ba ni satu kawan aku, nama dia iman. beberapa harini mulau , nth dia ni hahaha mmg bgitu kali kan ha, okay iman kan, di kelas pn mengantuk sja 24/7. aku netau la malam2 dia chat sma siapa. man if ure reading this im so sorry. sudah la tadi aku pg rumah dia mengejut, and dapat jumpa kak nara baru dtg dri kl, i missed her bebelan. dia datang labuan sebab sudah habis ojt dn kena bt file ka nth apa. zul(senior ppn plg pndai) hahaha makin chubby ba zul, datang2 skolah ja snyum2 si lembu ni ah. hahaha welcome back 🙃. PLEASE wariskan file kamu dekat aku. senang juga sikit hdup aku lepas ni hehehe. banyak juga nampak kawan makin cantik makin hnsemmmmmm, eching, bangga seh. tapi si goblin (nawi) ja aku belum nmpk. tu la nada penampakan tuyul lagi d skolah. nada ba. besides that, it feels to be good working out balik, jogging2, walaupun balik telan supplement. walaupun time period. lisyah kuat ba. nada sngka jga msh bleh push badan ni. mau d cutting ni. kalau dpt inshaAllah why not. semenjak dua menjak ni membusykan diri dengan assignment, dengan urus adik, nada sudah tkluar mlm bjalan sja sja. its a good progress kan? tapi berubah utk diri sndiri tau. jangan utk org. apa apa pn pelan2 kau buss, leksak gagalo. tadi kan, time balik aku ttgk borang spm persendirian ba d atas meja, baru t ingat ni ba thun dpn baru ambil. nahhh mna mau cri tmpt tusyen ni. sdh la tua sdh ahahah. tp nda apa la kan. yakin ja ba aahhaha pduli la apa, yg penting ada back up. ahah okay aku mengantuk sudah ni. goodnight xoxo.
9 April 2017 | 18:21 | 0 comments
Glad tht i feel nthing at last. Im at ease.
5 April 2017 | 13:07 | 0 comments
fast edit; li
so last week was hectic, its a wrap i must say. the event went well, not that well. but at least we made it. we started from nothing "0". we had a great time creating memories together and stuff. it wasnt that great but i cherish every moment that i spent with my classmates. we only have like a year and a half together, after that, everyone have their own paths, their own dreams to achieve. :) hahahaha. lots of things have changed lately, everything is different. the atmosphere is not the same. the thing that we've been doing or going through like the normal days its just not there anymore. hahahaah aint breathing the stress-free air yet. bcs final exam is coming soon. im planning to go to Singapore on the next school holiday, i really need to get my ass out from this island for a couple of days. its not that i hate this island or etc. i just need my space and time to enjoy myself a bit.duhh, need money for that. and i need to start working out. xD please dont ask why! i didnt get enough sleep. im not sure whats the reason. hey, imma sleepyhead!! guys, if you ever regretted the things youve done back then, just leave it. there aint no time machine to change that. if you lost a toxic friend thats good, but act professional act normal. dont create some drama. just go on with ur life, get used to it. stand on ur own feet, u dont need anyone to lean on, except for god. make god ur first priority and you'll be happy, care less, live young wild and free and you'll be okay. trust me. okayyy greetinggggssss humansssssss!!
Human Remix
27 March 2017 | 16:48 | 0 comments

The weather is kinda gloomy today, duh its already raining. Got back from school around ....well actually..... i went out of school at 10am and went to several places to manage our upcoming event. im feeling the pressure since the first day our lecturer told us that our next assignment is going to be an event management. we learned a lot. i could barely talk at first (to ask for sponsors) and now i can just walk in and ask for sponsors with-no-shame HAHAHA for real. some of the people wont even let us in. and pretended that their manager arent around. well, lets just forget abt that. The pacipaci jual kain pun gave us like RM10- & more. THANK YOU!!! NICE PEEEPOLLLThrough all the ups and downs we never did gv up. im so proud of my classmates. eventho theres some sort of tiny lil prob bcs of misunderstanding. Enough about that, so i hv this one close friend of mine. Ya'll knw it if you follow me on ig tho. he ddnt ws me bcs i think he's afraid that i'll be mad or anything. HAHA u SILLY. im chill. sometimes i receive messages, i read them but then forgot to reply !! haahahah theres so much thing going on. and if i ddnt reply for more than 3 days that means im too lazy to chit chat. okayy thats just me. HEHEHEHE btw it hs been a DECADE since my last update.. im so sorry. i dont know if anyone is still into blogs nowadays, i ate well and gained some weight! hahahah the last time i published something on this blog when i was LIKE SO DAMN SKINNY. LOL. it is easy to gain weight dohhhhhh. REALLY, especially when ure in my age. i had some thoughts on my future recently, im going to graduate KV. (inshaAllah) then on god's will , i wanna continue my studies or just proceed doing business ayeeee. my business thingy that ive been working on is on hold rn bcs i need to focus on my assignments which is A LOT. and inshaAllah i'll be taking SPM too. lol pray for me. haha im about to dig my own grave people, JK hahaha im gonna be fine (MENTALLY DYING) ahahah okay thats all for now, will update more soon. thank you xoxo.